Our Story

Candy Floss has always been a part of everyone’s childhood. Can you still say the same and assure that for the next generation? Maybe, maybe not. Poppin' N Flossin' is a small company that operates and provides candy floss, popcorn and a 5 tier chocolate fountain at parties, small events and festivities. We believe that sweets isn’t just a treat but a part of everyone’s childhood. We commit to providing a good range of services to build a good relationship with our customers whether it’s online or face to face meeting with our clients. You can hire our equipment for your event either by calling us or contacting us online. You can scroll through our list of hire options with respected ingredients and much more. Let us help you in making your event as bright and colourful as our sweets are! Share with your children one of the memories of your own childhood and create new memories with them.

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