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Poppin' N Flossin' was founded with one goal in mind: creating the best possible experience for our customers. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service and pride ourselves on never straying from our founding principles. Check out our shop policy, which is detailed below. Contact us if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to help.


Poppin' N Flossin' Terms of Hire


'Dry' hire is the hire of equipment for the 'client' to operate and supervise themselves.

All equipment remains the property of Poppin' N Flossin'.

By placing an order with us either verbally or via e-mail regardless of whether a booking form has been returned or deposit paid it is deemed that the customer has read, understood and fully agreed to and is also bound by all our terms and conditions of hire.

In the event of traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfil our contracted obligations our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or a pro rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of delayed start. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.


A refundable deposit of £50.00 will be payable by you to secure a booking for any of our machines. The deposit is refundable upon collection of the equipment provided that it is free from any damages following an inspection.

This deposit can be paid by cash, card or paypal and will be refunded using the same payment method. You will need to wait 3-5 working days for your refund if you pay by card.

This agreement can only be cancelled in writing 48 hours prior to the original booking slot, by either the Client or Poppin' N Flossin'. Your £50.00 deposit will not be refunded if you cancel less than 48 hours before your original booking slot. Rebooking can be rescheduled for a later date/ time however it will be subject to availability. Should this occur we will do our very best to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee this as we may be fully booked for your rescheduled date.

Allergy Advice Candy Floss

The following Candy Floss flavours do not contain, and are not derived from any of the following potentially allergenic ingredients (including extracts or other derivatives of such ingredients).

  • Peanuts (and peanut derivatives)

  • Milk and milk derivatives

  • Tree nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts etc.)

  • Shell fish (crustacean and mollusk)

  • Eggs (all avian species)

  • Fish (all species)

  • Wheat (and other gluten sources)

  • Seeds (sesame, sunflower etc.)

  • Soybeans (and derivatives – except refined oils)

Allergy Advice Chocolate Fountain

A gluten-free diet (GFD) is a diet that strictly excludes gluten, a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, including barley, rye, oat, and all their species and hybrids (such as spelt, kamut, and triticale). The inclusion of oats in a gluten-free diet remains controversial, and may depend on the oat cultivar and the frequent cross-contamination with other gluten-containing cereals.

All foods derived from, or containing, milk are classified as dairy, including milk, butter, yogurt and all cheese – hard, soft and cream. Even a trace amount of dairy can cause a food to be considered dairy.

Dairy products must meet the following criteria in order to be certified Kosher:

  • They must come from a Kosher animal.

  • All ingredients must be Kosher and free of meat derivatives. (Conventional rennet, gelatin, etc., are of animal origin and may not be used in Kosher dairy.)

May contain traces of nuts and milk proteins.

Hire Time
Each Hire Package for the Candy Floss Machine, Popcorn Machine and  Chocolate Fountain available is for maximum six hours only. Any extended time required can be purchased at an additional fee. The Candy Floss Machine requires a ‘cool down’ period of a few minutes after every hour of use, this does not affect your hire time. Set up and removal doesn't affect your hire time.

Extra Hire Time
If you require extra hire time for either the Candy Floss Machine, Popcorn Machine or Chocolate Fountain during the booking this is available at £20 an hour payable at the time of event in cash or by card.

The client should provide: 

If the set up area is not on the ground floor the client may be asked to provide an adult person to assist in the setting up and packing away of all equipment.  

Once the equipment has been set up in the required location, it cannot be moved during the event. 

Should guests become unruly and considered by the operator to be a risk either to themselves, other guests or your hired goods, we reserve the right to dismantle the equipment and leave the premises. No refund will be given from Poppin' N Flossin'. 

The Client accepts full responsibility and is liable to pay for any damages, injuries or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.


The client is solely responsible for any claim for any spillages on any items of clothing, furniture, carpet or anything else caused by others.

Poppin' N Flossin' does not accept responsibility for any circumstances out of our direct control which prevent the use of your hire, such as power failure, flooding etc. 

Poppin' N Flossin' is not liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the use of your hired services if missed used by yourself or your guests ,whether used singularly or in conjunction with any other equipment. 

Breakdown, in the unlikely event that the equipment for your hire should breakdown or fail to operate correctly, Poppin' N Flossin' will refund the hirer 30% of the hire cost. In any event, the hirer agrees that the maximum claim that could be made in respect of loss or damage is restricted to the total cost of the hire and no more. No compensation on top of the hire cost will be payable in any event. 

Whilst we make every effort to obtain your first choice of colours/flavours if for any reason we are unable to fulfil your choice due to supply not being available, we will substitute with another choice available.